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Changing the Mop Pad: Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop 1132

Learn how to change the mop pad on BISSELL Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop in this step-by-step instructional video. Browse more videos to get the most out of your Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop.

Video Transcript:

To attach the mop pad to the foot of your unit, start by stepping on the easy release mop pad tray and lifting the unit from the tray. At this point, you can add the optional scent disc to the mop pad. Use the whole disc for a refreshing scent or cut in half for a lighter scent. Next, wrap the mop pad around the bottom of the tray. Make sure the gray stitching is in the front of the tray and the quick release tab is in the back. Finally, position the mop pad tray back on the floor and set the unit back into place. The tray will click back into place.

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