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Low/No Suction | How to Videos | CleanView®/PowerClean® Vacuums

If you find your CleanView/PowerClean Swivel Pet has lost suction or the suction indicator at the top of the tank has turned red, the following steps should help resolve the problem

  • Start by making sure your machine is OFF and unplugged
  • The vacuum foot height may need to be adjusted. This can be done by rotating the height adjustment knob on the foot of the vacuum to the appropriate setting for your carpet
  • Remove the hose from the vacuum and check for any cracks or holes in the hose
  • Use a broom handle to push out any potential clogs
  • Check the lower hose at the base of the vacuum. To check, remove the single screw holding the hose in place and push out any potential clogs with a broom handle
  • There may also be a clog near the brushroll. To clear, unscrew the bottom brushroll cover and remove the Brush Roll as explained in the Brush Roll + Belt Maintenance video
  • The dirt tank may be full or not placed correctly on the vacuum. Empty the dirt tank and clean the filters as explained in the Empty Dirt Tank and Filter Cleaning video
  • Lastly, the hose may not be properly attached. Grab the hose wand and firmly push into the lower hose at the base of the vacuum and ensure it is fully locked at the opposite end

We hope you found these tips useful and now have full suction back to your machine!

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