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Cleaning Dirt Tank | How to Videos | CleanView/PowerClean Vacuums

The more you clean the more you’ll have to empty your dirt tank. Lucky for you, not only is it easy, we’ll also show you exactly how to do it in this video.

  • First, make sure your vacuum is turned OFF and unplugged
  • You’ll know your vacuum needs to be emptied when the debris reaches the “full” line. A full dirt tank also could impact the suction power of your vacuum
  • Press the tank release button on the top of the tank to pull out and remove it
  • Hold it over a trash can and press the bottom release button to empty
  • Twist the cyclone in the middle of the tank counter-clockwise and pull it down to remove
  • The cyclone can be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent
  • Let the cyclone completely dry before placing back into the tank.
  • You can clean the cyclone, pre-motor filter and tank with warm water and mild detergent, just make sure they’re all dry before you put your vacuum back together
  • Close the bottom of the dirt tank
  • To find the filters, pull up on the filter tab found on the front of the Dirt Tank. Lift up and remove both foam and carbon filter from inside the lid
  • These filters can be hand washed in warm water. A mild detergent may also be used
  • Once completely dry, the filters can be placed back into the tank lid. First insert the thin carbon filter followed by the thicker foam filter
  • Close the lid and return the tank back to the vacuum. Press firmly until you hear a “click”.

Now that your dirt tank is empty and your CleanView® Pet Rewind is put back together, you can get to cleaning!

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