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PowerFresh Steam Mop General Information and Mounting Instructions


Storage Hook Mounting  (2 screws)

Storage Hook screw size = 1” long

Mount on a wall for convenient storage in a closet or utility room.

Mounting Instructions:

1) First, choose a mounting location that's over a stud.

2) Next, hold the storage hook against the wall with the screw holes at the top of the hook. With a pencil, mark the position of both screw holes.

3) Drill 1/8” (one-eighth inch) diameter holes in the center of the pencil marks.

4) Place the storage hook over drilled holes.

5) Finally, secure the storage hook by screwing it in place with the two provided screws.

PowerFresh mounting hook

Adding Solution to Tank

No solutions are to be added to the tank, including vinegar.

Mop Pad Cleaning Instructions

For best results, wash on regular cycle with mild detergent only. Don’t use bleach—it could cause the pad to break down. It’s not recommended to use any fabric softener with the micro fiber pads.


Steam temperatures around the steam outlet are 94 degrees Celsius (201 degrees Fahrenheit) and above.  It is important to remember that, with the pad off, steam cools significantly when it hits the air.

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