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How do I change the brush belt on my ProSeries Carpet Cleaner?


Please follow these steps below to assist you with changing the pump or brush belt on your PowerSteamer® or ProSeries carpet cleaner.

To replace the belts on your machine you can view the video or follow these steps. You will need both a Flat Head and Phillips head screwdriver.

We recommend that as you disassemble the brush & belt area, you set the parts on the corresponding side of the machine to avoid misplaced components.

•Turn the machine OFF and unplug from the wall outlet.
•Step on the handle release pedal to lay the handle down on the floor.
•Remove the Tank-in-Tank and SmartMix® Tank and set them aside.
•Remove the Belt Access Door located near the Ready Tools dial by inserting a flat head screwdriver into the slot to pry the access door off.

ProHeat Image 1ProHeat Image 2
•Turn the machine over to expose the brush.
•Locate the red or white retainer clips, which hold the black brush arms and gear-type brush belt in place. Unscrew the two Phillips head screws. Set these parts aside.
•Remove the black brush arm that holds the brush in place. Set aside.
•Remove the “toothed” brush belt from the brush then from the pump pulley. Set the “toothed” brush belt and brush aside.

If the Pump Belt is broken it should be replaced before installing the Brush Belt.

•To replace the pump belt loop one end of the belt around the red pump pulley and the other end around the silver motor shaft located in the belt access on the top of the machine.
•To re-install the brush belt loop the belt onto the pump pulley and then onto the toothed end of the brush.
•Place the black brush arms onto the brush and slide arms into the base of the machine.
•Gently spin the brush. If installed correctly, the brush should spin smoothly.
•Re-install the red or white retainer clips and the Philips head screws.
•Turn the machine right side up to replace the Belt Access Door, Tank-in-Tank and SmartMix® Tank.

If you require additional assistance, please take your machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center for assistance.  To locate your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center, please go to the following link: You can also locate a Service Center by phone, 24 hours a day, by calling 1-800-263-2535 and choosing option #2.

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