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My Lift-Off® Deep Cleaner doesn't have suction at the floor or hose. What should I do?


Let's start by figuring out where your carpet cleaner has suction. Check for suction in the hose and at the floor. If you have suction at just one of them, you can scroll down to find some troubleshooting steps for your situation. If you don't have any suction at all, start below:

  1. First, check if the pod connected to the base. If the pod is connected to the base, disconnect the pod from the base to use the hose.
    1. If you’re trying to use the machine in upright mode, check to make sure the pod is securely placed on the base and attached completely. Try reattaching the pod. You’ll need to push down firmly on both sides so each side clicks in. A good way to test if your pod is attached is by picking up the whole machine using the pod's handle.

   2. Check the nozzles for debris build up:

          a. Just to be safe, unplug the unit and remove the pod from base.

          b. If the top and bottom nozzles are clogged, follow the pictures below:                                       

  1. LODC base and screws
    LODC base screw removal - Remove screw from top (single screw)
  2. The top nozzle will now lift off and can be rinsed off with water. The floor nozzle can also be removed from end caps notches and rinsed with water to be cleaned.
  3. Once cleaned, both can be replaced back on the unit. Here’s how:
    1. Insert the bottom nozzle so that the bottom slots align in their proper holes and rotate the nozzle upward.                           
      LODC Nozzle 1
    2. The top nozzle should be inserted into the unit so that the notches insert down in the bottom nozzle before it can be rotated upward and secured with screws.    
      LODC Nozzle 2
      LODC Nozzle 3
    3. The top nozzle should be flush to the bottom nozzle so that when your finger is rubbed along the seam there are no gaps.                             

LODC gaps with text           

  1. Remove the pod and check the floor nozzle. Are there any cracks (large or small) in the floor nozzle? If so, you’ll need to order a new floor nozzle. You can order one here:
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