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My machine seems to drain solution quickly or it does not dispense any shampoo.(2)

  • Turn the SmartMix knob to "Water Only" before turning on the machine and when machine is not in use.
  • Check the solution bottle for leaks. The bottle should leak a few drips when it is initially turned upside down, but dripping should subside after that. If you have a bottle cap with a removeable o-ring, ensure it is not worn and is properly in place. The straw should be above the liquid level and available for air flow ehen the bottle is upside down (as it would be when in use).
  • Check the position of the SmartMix knob. When adjusted to High Traffic, it should use one bottle of formula with one to two tanks of water. On Normal, it should use one bottle of solution with two to four tanks of water.
  • The Smart Mix knob is an adjustable knob. You can set this at any point in between settings to accommodate your particular cleaning needs.
  • You may want to consider replacing the Smart Mix bottle assembly is these suggestions do not solve the problem.
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