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My Swiffer® BISSELL® SteamBoost™ has no steam. What do I check?

  1. Make sure there’s water in the water tank.  The water tank needs to be  filled with up to a max of 10 ounces of water to produce steam..
  2. Make sure the machine is plugged into a functional outlet.  After 30 seconds you should see the blue light on the foot light up.  If not, try another outlet.
  3. The unit will emit steam when the trigger is pressed, indicating the device is working.  The steam generation is silent.  If there is still no steam after trying this step, open the water tank cap and press the trigger.  Your machine should start steaming. 
  4. Does the trigger have tension? 

If not, the handle may be assembled wrong…  Just to be safe, unplug the machine and reassemble the handle.  The loop of the handle should be facing towards the back of the unit.  The “rectangle” hole on the upper handle should be clicked in with the lower “rectangle” push pin on the back of the unit. The “circle” hole should be facing the front and clicked into the “circle” push pin.  See pictures for correct installation below:

Boost handle Assembly

If the handle is assembled properly; proceed to the next step…

On the lower handle piece, there is a locking button that should snap into the hole on the back of the unit at least one ince below the lower cord wrap.  It's possible the handle just isn't pushed down all the way because once it is locked in, you need to use a screw driver to push on the button to release the handle.

steamboost lower handle

5)  Check the water tank cap to ensure it’s closed properly.  If the cap is horizontal, it isn’t closed properly.  Simply turn the cap clockwise to lock the cap in place so it’s vertical.

Boost water tank

6)  The water may not be flowing to the heater.  To resolve this, open the water tank cap and press the trigger until steam/water is seen coming out of the foot.  Once this happens, release the trigger, place the cap back into the water tank and turn the cap clockwise to lock the cap in place so it is vertical.

7) Check to see if the Indicator Light is on (located on base of unit). It should take about 30 seconds for the light to turn blue.

Boost Indicator Light

If the Indicator light is NOT on…

Make sure power cord is plugged into a functioning outlet. **If the light still does not come on and there is no steam, we’d like to hear from you.  Please call us at 800-611-2583.

If the Indicator light is ON…

8) Remove the mop pad and check for steam at the spray tips by aiming the base of the machine in the sink or tub and press the trigger.  DO NOT put any body parts near the end of the unit when checking for steam.

Boost Spray Tips

If there’s is NO steam with the mop pad removed…

**If the unit still does not steam, we’d like to hear from you.   Please call us at 1-800-263-2535

If YES, there is steam with the mop-pad removed…

Be sure the correct mop pads are being used.

Boost Pads

  1. If the correct mop pads are being used and there is still no steam, please contact a Pad Specialist by calling 800-611-2583 (9 – 6 EST M-F US or 9 – 5 M-F for French) or visiting for assistance.  Or you may click on this link that will direct you to the Swiffer Email site to ask a specialist your question:
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