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My PROlite® has low to no suction. What should I do?


1. Make sure the dirt container isn’t full.  If the dirt container is filled past the full line, empty the dirt container and check for suction again.

2. Make sure the brush is turning.  If the brush isn’t turning, please see our “brush not turning” FAQ for further details.

3. Check for suction at the end of the upholstery hose.  If there is suction at the end of the hose, go on to step 5. If there’s no suction at the end of the hose, unplug the machine, remove the hose and run a broom stick through the wand end to push any clogs through to the bent connector.  Packed clogs may have to be removed from the bend in the hose by hand. Also, make sure to check the upholstery hose inlet (where the hose connects to the vacuum) for debris, as seen below.

17G5 hose

4. Check the lower hose for clogs.  First, remove the lower hose access plate at the bottom of the vacuum (pictured below).  Straighten the lower hose and run a broom stick through the lower hose to push out any debris.

Twist the tabs to unlock the access plate. To replace the access plate, reattach the side closest to the brush and rotate the access plate back into place.

5. If there is suction at the end of the hose, remove the dirt container, the post-motor filter, and the pre-motor filter. Check the filters (pictured below) for dirt. The post-motor filter will need to be replaced if it’s soiled—it can’t be washed. You can order a replacement by clicking here: The foam pre-motor filter can be washed in warm water with mild detergent. Be absolutely sure the filter is completely dry before putting it back in the vacuum. 

17G5 Post-motor HEPA media filter; Pre-motor foam filter

6. Check the motor duct (see below) for suction. If there’s no suction, go on to step 7. If there is suction at the motor duct, check for debris in the cyclone assembly inside the dirt container. Also check for dirt in the suction path at the top of the dirt container (pictured below).You can remove the cyclone assembly by twisting counterclockwise. Wipe it down using a dry cloth first; if you can’t clean it well enough, you may use a slightly damp cloth, but make sure that the cyclone assembly is totally dry before reinserting it. See the pictures below to reinstall the cyclone assembly correctly—if you don’t install it right, you may clog the vacuum badly.

17G5 motor duct

Wider, notched tab on filter screen must fit into wider notch on cyclone assembly. Narrower tab on filter screen must fit into narrower notch on cyclone assembly. The "solid" section of the filter screen must line up with the suction inlet of the dirt container. (Arrow) Suction path for dirt container.

7. If you still don’t have any suction, please take your vacuum to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking or by calling 1-800-263-2535, available 24 hours a day.

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