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Why won't my SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum charge or power on?


Use the following steps if your SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum won't charge or has no power:

NOTE: If you are charging your machine for the first time, plug the wall adapter directly into the charging port on the vacuum, turn the robot on, and let it charge for 4-5 hours. Also, the machine won't charge if the power switch is off. It will display error code E6 and the middle button will flash red.
  • Turn your machine over and remove the battery cover plate to access the battery. Remove the battery. Your battery should look like the one below:

battery (2)
  • If there is any discoloration on the ends, or if the springs in the battery slot are retracted, please contact us. 
  • If the battery is in good condition, reinsert the battery so that the "+" "-" symbols are nearest the springs and the side with "This Side Up" facing up.

insert battery

  • Plug the adapter plug into the robot's port located next to the power switch. If not done so already, plug the other end into a working wall outlet and turn the power switch ON. 

switch ON
  • If your machine begins charging, the middle button will flash green and the LED display will start counting up to the percentage the machine is charged. 
green button percent charged
  • If your machine does not begin charging/power on, test a different outlet. If the machine still won't charge/power on, a new battery or adapter plug may need to be ordered. To determine which part needs to be ordered, test the adapter plug in the docking station. 
  • Plug the wall adapter into the side of the docking station and the other end into a working wall outlet. If the digital screen on the dock displays any icons, your machine's battery needs to be replaced. If the digital screen does not display any icons, a new adapter needs to be ordered. 

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