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My CleanView II Bagless vacuum is not suctioning. What can I check?


1) Check the dirt cup to make sure it is empty.

2) Your vacuum has 3 filters. Check the inner and outer circular filters in the filter cup and the post-motor filter on the front of the machine for debris. Dirty filters will restrict air flow. The filters may be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. Allow them to completely dry prior to reinstalling them. The white Multi-Layer post-motor filter is not washable. Also check the upper-tank louvers. They may be removed and rinsed.

3) Lift the upholstery hose from the bottom holder. Check for suction at the end of the hose. If there IS good suction at the end of the hose, please unplug your machine from the outlet and try the following:

    1) Ensure the hose is firmly pressed into the lower hose outlet on the back of the vacuum.

    2) Check to ensure the brush is rotating. If it is not, remove the plate on the bottom of the vacuum by the two tabs. Check the belt and clean the roller of dirt and debris.

    3) Check the lower hose for clogs by removing the screw which attaches it and lifting the hose up to clean it out. Also, remove the larger hose by twisting it off and using a broomstick handle, push any dirt and debris through the hose.

If there is NOT good suction at the end of the hose:

    1) Check for suction at the back of the machine after removing the hose where it attaches. This is removed by twisting the cuff of the hose.

    2) If there is good suction at the back of the machine, check the hose for cracks or holes. If you need to replace the hose, please call us to order at 1-800-263-2535, ET. If you continue to experience low suction with your vacuum, please take your machine to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center. To locate your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center, go here Enter your zip code to perform your search. You can also locate a Service Center by phone, 24 hours a day, by calling 1-800-263-2535 and choosing option #2.

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