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Deep Clean Premier General Information


Temperature of Water to put into Tank

Do not put boiling or microwaved water into the bladder.  Water up to 140 degrees and no higher should be put into the bladder.

Upper Tool ClipIf it appears the Upper Tool Clip is missing, note this is not included on several models. If your machine came with a Stain Trapper Tool, TurboBrush® or Deep Reach Tool then the Upper Tool Clip should have come packaged with your machine.  Also note other tools will not fit on this clip.

Front Nozzle:

The front nozzle assembly for the CleanShot® models and the regular models are not interchangeable.  If you need a front nozzle and do not have the CleanShot® feature, you may click on this link to order the nozzle:

If you need a front nozzle and do have the CleanShot feature, you may click on this link to order the nozzle:

Pet Hair Baskets:

Pet owners especially, can purchase the Pet Hair Basket for any model to collect the pet hair from the dirty water suctioned into the tank.  It comes included only on select models.  If yours does not have one and you wish to order, click on this link:

Solution-to-water Ratio:

We recommend 5 ounces of formula per tank as the tank is 1.25 gallons.

Point Of Purchase Sticker Sticker

If you wish, you can remove the plastic insert above the water tank and the sticker on the front of the water tank.

Screw Pack:

The assembly screw pack is taped to the handle.

Handle Screw Pack DCP

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