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Why does the brushroll on my SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum fall out?


Use the following steps if the center brush roll on your SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum is loose or falls out:

  • Turn your machine over and remove the brush roll cover by lightly prying the thin edge towards the front of the vacuum to expose the brush.
 remove brushroll cover 1 remove brushroll cover 2
  • Remove the brush roll by pinching the brush roll end nearest the white cap and shifting it the opposite way. 
 brush roll remove 1 brush roll remove 2
  • Inspect the gold metal gasket and white end cap. The gold gasket should not be recessed/stuck. If it is, probe the gasket with a ballpoint pen to try and get it to spring back. This should resolve your issue. If it will not spring back, contact us.
  • Reattach the brush roll and brush roll cover. Be sure to maintain the brush regularly by cleaning any string, hair, or other debris from it.
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