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The Cleanshot® feature on my Deep Clean Premier® will not spray, what do I do?


Not all models have the CleanShot® Feature

1)  Do you have BISSELL 2X Formula and water in your clean water tank?         

 If yes…

- is the spray tip on the CleanShot clogged?

- Clean the spray tip with an object such as a paperclip.

** If CleanShot itself has been damaged a new front nozzle will need to be purchased ***

2  If yours does, check to make sure you are pushing down on the CleanShot button on the upper handle.

DCP Cleanshot Trigger

If you are pressing the button, make sure the handle is securely attached to the body of the machine. 

3) If the previous steps didn’t work, run warm water through the small black filter inlet screen(s) on the underside of the nozzle.  (*Cleanshot models will have 2).

Filter Inlet DCP Nozzle

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