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Do BISSELL electrical cords contain lead?


A 1986 California state statute commonly referred to as California Proposition 65 requires manufacturers to notify consumers of the presence of any chemical which the state believes is toxic. One of the thousands of chemicals on the list is lead. Trace amounts of lead are used in the manufacturing process of PVC coated appliance power cords. However, these trace amounts are well below any recognized threshold level which raises concern. BISSELL Homecare, Inc., as well as approximately 100 other consumer appliance manufacturers, has agreed to include a specific warning in product literature shipped with products containing PVC coated power cords in response to California Proposition 65 requirements. The warning states; "WARNING - the cords, wires and/or cables supplied with this product contains chemicals, including lead or lead compounds, known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, wash hands after using." This, or similar language, was scheduled to appear in their product literature effective September 3, 2003. BISSELL proudly stands behind our products and remains convinced that our products do not present any significant health risk to our consumers.

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