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How do I remove the half-moon window on my ProSeries Carpet Cleaner?


Here are the steps to remove the half-moon window:

  1. First, recline the cleaner and lay it down so you can access the underside of the base.
  1. Pull the brush back and look for two screws on either side of the brush cavity (near the white plastic spray tips). These 2 screws secure the plastic half-moon.
  1. Holding the brush back with one hand, use a Philips-head screw-driver to remove the 2 screws to release the half-moon.
  1. With 2 screws removed, slide the plastic half-moon out of machine. The half-moon piece looks like a clear, plastic-plate that has been cut in half.
  1. After you fully remove the half-moon, the large plastic window that remains is called the floor nozzle window. It reaches up to the tank and has logos on it.

Here are the steps to re-install the half-moon window:

  1. Slide the half-moon piece of plastic back into place making sure to line up the small plastic tab in the center of the flat-side with the tab-slot on the floor nozzle, and screw in tightly. Suction of water travels between the half-moon plastic and the floor nozzle.
  1.  If your half-moon window is correctly in place, it will be flush with the floor nozzle window. If it’s not, you may have poor suction.

Here are some helpful pictures to help you identify the half-moon window:

ProSeries half moon window

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