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Why is the Invisible Wall for my SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum not working?

Use the following steps if your SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum Invisible Wall is not working:

NOTE: For best performance, place the invisible wall outside of a doorway you wish to block.
invisible wall working
  • The most common reason for the invisible wall to stop working is due to the batteries needing to be replaced. 
  • Flip the invisible wall switch ON (away from the small light). It should blink once. If the switch is already on (away from the small light), switch it OFF (towards the small light), wait 10 seconds and then switch it back on.
invisible wall on invisible wall off

  • If the light blinks, continue troubleshooting. If the light does not blink, try replacing the batteries and testing again.
  • If the light blinks. continue troubleshooting. If the light does not blink, a new invisible wall may need to be ordered.
  • With the invisible wall turned on and in place, turn your machine ON and test to see if it stops at the wall.
NOTE: The light on the invisible wall only lights up when the machine gets close to it and when first turned on (blinks once).
  • If your machine stops at the wall, problem solved! If it doesn't stop or runs into the invisible wall, try wiping away any dirt, dust, or smudges with a soft cloth from the front visor on your machine. Test again.
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