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What floor surfaces can I clean with my STEAMBOOST™ Steam Mop Hard Surface Cleaner?


Your STEAMBOOST Steam Mop is designed to clean a variety of hard flooring such as ceramic tile, marble, stone, vinyl, linoleum, sealed hardwood and laminate*.  Fill the water tank, attach a STEAMBOOST Steam Pad, plug in the device and wait 30 seconds for it to heat up.  The special steam pad pulls dirt from surfaces and locks it away.  When done cleaning, simply unplug the device, remove the disposable mop pad and throw it (and the dirt!) away.

*Do no use on unfinished oiled or waxed wooden boards, non-sealed or carpeted floors, because they may be water sensitive.

See the Swiffer™ BISSELL® STEAMBOOST™ Steam Mop in action below!

Swiffer™ BISSELL® STEAMBOOST™ Steam Mop Introduction:

Swiffer™ BISSELL® STEAMBOOST™ Steam Mop Vs Traditional Mops:
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