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How do I change the wheel on my SmartClean® Robotic vacuum?


Use the following steps to replace a wheel on your SmartClean® Robotic Vacuum:

  • To determine the left and right wheel, turn the machine upside down with the edge cleaning brushes nearest to you and the battery compartment positioned away from you. The replacements are as shown:

1605 Wheel Orientation

  • To remove the wheel, remove the edge brush for easy access then remove both screws from the wheel access cover.
  • Press down on the wheel, hook finger in access cover opening and lift up and out slowly. (remove spring) 
  • Carefully pull the wires to remove the connector from the wheel assembly.
  • Next, plug the wire connector into the new wheel assembly.
1605 wheel install 11605 wheel install 2
  • Attach one end of the spring to the hook on the underside of the wheel assembly and the other end to the hook on the bottom of the wheel access cover (maintaining tension).

1605 wheel install 321605 wheel install 2 2nd

  • Lower the wheel into place while maintaining tension on the spring and holding the access cover to prevent the spring from falling off.

1605 wheel install 5

  • Angle the tabbed end of the access cover into the wheel well opening, then lower cover into place.

1605 wheel install lastly

  • Insert both screws and secure.
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