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My BISSELL Steam 'n clean seems to have reduced steam. What can I do to remedy this situation?


Please check to ensure the water tank is full and the filter does not need to be replaced. -

-the filter should be free of cracks and should have a speckled green and white appearance. If the filter has turned a solid blue color it will need to be replaced. If the tank is full and the filter is in good condition, remove the filter and set it aside. You will notice two openings on the base of the machine; one in the center and one on the right (while facing back of machine). Pour a small amount of water into the side opening and depress the trigger. If steam is emitted you may need to order a replacement filter.

-if the unit still will not steam, you will want to check the spray nozzle. Unplug the unit and remove any attachments from the front of the machine. If you look inside the large nozzle you will see a smaller brass nozzle. Use a paperclip to clean out this brass opening (you will want to apply a light amount of force during this process) and repeat the procedure of pouring the water into the filter hole to see if it will steam.

If these suggestions have not resolved the problem you are experiencing with your machine, please take the machine to a local Service Center. To locate a Service Center, go to and click on Customer Support at the top of the homepage. Enter your zip code in the Service Center locator box.

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