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My Pro or ProHeat® machine will not spray. How can I correct this?


Make sure there is liquid in both the Tank-in-Tank and the SmartMix® bottle. Both tanks must contain liquid or the machine will not spray properly. For optimal performance, use only genuine BISSELL formulas in the machine.

Please make sure unit is powered off before starting these steps:

A.Remove the belt access door by prying up the panel with a flathead screwdriver, and inspect the pump belt to ensure it is not worn or broken. Check the brush belt by turning on the power, and look under to see if the brush on the bottom of the machine is rotating.

ProHeatImage1_125  ProHeatImage2_125

B.Check for proper placement of the o-ring on the SmartMix® Cap Insert (some o-rings are detachable and need to fit over the straw; others are molded to the cap).

C.Check for the black or red rubber tank gasket on the SmartMix® Bottle Cap and on the bottom of the Tank-in-Tank Assembly. If the gasket is lodged in base of machine or has been lost, reattach gasket on red rubber gasket or order new gasket if needed.

D.Check the valves on the bottoms of the Tank-in-Tank and SmartMix® Bottle to make sure water/solution will come through when the "x" valve is depressed. Use a soft-bristled brush and hot tap water to clear any debris. Replace red rubber gasket assembly or cap/insert if necessary.

E.Check if the small rounded window tabs on the top edge of the Floor Nozzle are locked in their mating slots on the base of the machine, and not inadvertently lifting the tank up out of place.

ProHeat_Image3  ProHeat_Image4

F.Make sure the trigger on the upper handle has tension. It should spring back when pressed.

G.Check to see if the machine sprays out from the upholstery hose without the cleaning tool. If no water sprays, hold the trigger down on the upper handle for 30 seconds to prime. Please ensure you move your unit to a dry, water safe surface such as a tile floor before performing these steps.

H.Please remove the flow indicator cap, red ‘x’ piece & white filter- set aside. Turn machine on; depress trigger & check to see if water flows from the flow indicator. On a dry area, such as a tile floor, pour ½ cup of hot tap water into the flow indicator to see if it runs through. If water comes out of the spray lines it should be clear. With the machine unplugged, check to see if water comes out from the spray tips under the machine. The spray tips will be red or white in color on the base of the machine. Clean the spray tips with an old toothbrush or paperclip. Turn the machine on after cleaning to see if the machine sprays.

I.If you continue to experience no spray to the floor, please take your machine to the nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center. For locations, click here.

If you require additional assistance with your machine, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care at 1-800-263-2535, 
Monday - Friday: 8am to 10pm ET
Saturday: 9am to 8pm ET
Sunday: 10am to 7pm ET
and a representative would be happy to assist you.

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