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My vacuum has become louder. What should I check?


NOTE: Ensure your machine is turned off and is unplugged.

 - Check the pre-motor and Multi-Layer Post Motor Filter for debris. Failure to properly maintain the filters could result in damage to the motor. The pre-motor filter is located underneath the canister of the vacuum in the pull out tray labeled "filter". This may be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. Reinstall this filter when it is completely dry. The Multi-Layer Post Motor Filter cartridge may need to be replaced. This filter cannot be washed. This is located on the side of the machine inside the filter grill.

- Check the hose and foot for possible clogs. This could also cause the unit to sound different.

UPPER HOSE - Detach the hose from the machine by twisting the hose collar counterclockwise. Push a broomstick into the hose to push any obstruction to the end of the hose where it can be removed.

 - Check the clear diverter area at the back of the machine. When the hose wand is removed from the base, the diverter should be in the up position. If a clog is visible near the diverter, remove the diverter cover by removing 7 screws and clear the obstruction. NOTE: Be careful not to dislodge the gasket.

 LOWER HOSE - Recline the machine back and roll it over so the backside is facing up. Remove the bottom 4 screws from the diverter cover to loosen, and straighten the foot hose. Look through the hose for obstructions. Push a broomstick through the lower hose to unclog this. (Any obstruction should exit through the suction path at the brush roller).

FOOT - Unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. Check the foot area to ensure something has not become lodged. Remove any obstruction, cutting away any visible hair, fibers or debris from the brush roller. This brush is not removable. The brush will automatically reset when the vacuum is plugged in and turned back on.

- Check the dirt cup screen and inner tube for debris. Wipe down the screen and the inner tube. Try using a dry cloth first and if necessary, use a slightly damp cloth. After wiping, allow it to completely dry.

- Adjust the height setting of the machine to ensure it is correct for the surface you are trying to clean.

- If there is a "whistling" sound, check to ensure the pre-motor filter tray is correctly installed in the vacuum. If the "whistling" continues, contact Consumer Care. If your machine continues to be excessively loud, please take this to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center.

If you continue to experience low suction, please take your machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center. The warranty on your machine is one year. To locate your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center, click here.

To contact Consumer Care by phone, please call us at 1-800-263-2535, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., or Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., ET. A representative will assist you.

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