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Lift Off Steam Mop - no steam



Please check the following:

1) Does the trigger have tension?
If NO; handle is assembled improperly. Unplug the power cord from the outlet and re-attach the handle.
unplug unit and reassemble handle
If YES; check the filter…
  a) Remove filter.
  b) Check to see if there are any cracks in the filter on the side or the top. Check the whole filter and look at the plastic mold lines for any cracks. They may be difficult to see, so inspect the filter in a well-lit area or room. If there are cracks the filter needs to be replaced.

2) Check the color of the filter grains – Filter grains should be green. If filter grains have turned blue, the filter needs to be changed. To maximize performance of the filter, distilled water may be used.

3) Check the filter to make sure it is seated correctly, and that the connector is intact. The filter may need to be pushed in until any gap between the bottom of the filter and the machine is gone.

4) Ensure the tank is full of room temperature water and the cap is installed properly. The cap on this model needs to be on tightly. Check the cap over a sink. If it doesn’t release water, it may need to be replaced.

5) Check to see if the Ready Light is on. The heater may take up to a minute to heat.
   If the Ready Light is not on…
  a) Make sure the power cord is plugged into a functioning outlet. If the ready light will not come on after a minute and/or the unit does not heat up, the machine should be inspected at a BISSELL Authorized Service Center.
   If the blue Ready Light is on:
  a) Depress the trigger, which may take up to 2 minutes to steam initially.
  b) Check for steam with the tank and filter off the unit, by pouring a small amount of cold water into the hole where the filter connects to the unit and depress the trigger for up to 2 minutes. Make sure the pod is connected to the base before checking for steam.

If there is NO steam when pouring water into the filter hole, remove the mop-head and check for steam at the spray tip by taking off the single screw at the base of the unit. Make sure the pod is connected to the base after mop head is removed before proceeding.

If there is NO steam with the mop-head removed, unplug and clean the spray tip with a paper clip, making sure to remove the pod before cleaning the spray tip. If there is still no steam, take the machine for inspection to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center.

If YES, there is steam with the mop-head removed… the mop head may be clogged. Pour white vinegar through the top of the mop head to clear the clog.

If YES; there is steam when pouring water into the filter hole,  check for water in the filter. When the filter is new, it may take a couple of minutes for the unit to pump water through it. The unit may make a louder noise while it is doing this, but should soon subside. The filter can be soaked in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes to saturate it.

Check the trigger for tension. If there is no tension, remove the upper handle and re-attach this. Make sure the handle is completely tightened to lock into place. If there is still no tension, the handle should be replaced.

6) Is the pod properly seated on the unit? You should hear it “click” into place.

7) Remove the pod and make sure the hose on the pod is locked into place correctly. If the hose is not secured properly into the base,  secure the hose and then place the pod back on the base.

If you continue to not have steam, please take your machine to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center for inspection or repair. To locate a Service Center, click here.

You can also call Consumer Services for assistance at 1-800-263-2535, Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., or Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., ET. A representative will assist you.

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