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What is some general information about my PurePro®?


Cleaning the tank:

A dust layer may form on the inside of the upper tank and the center cone. You can use a feather duster or dry cloth to remove the dust inside the cone. However, don’t unscrew the center cone, not to be confused with the screen in the upper tank. This screen, which sits below the center cone, can be removed for cleaning. The center cone, on the other hand, shouldn’t be removed.

What is Microban®?

Microban is an antimicrobial product that fights the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew in your vacuum. It’s built into the hose, handle grip, wheel mold, and brush access plate—it won’t wash off or wear away. Microban provides continuous antimicrobial protection for the useful lifetime of your vacuum, keeping it cleaner and fresher.

Brush Auto Shut Off Feature:

When your vacuum is locked in the vertical, upright position, the brush won’t rotate.  The brush will rotate only when the vacuum is reclined and the brush switch is turned on.

Brush Reset:

If something becomes lodged in the base of the vacuum and the brush shuts off, turn the vacuum off and unplug it.  Remove the obstruction.  The brush will automatically reset when the cleaner is plugged in and turned back on.

Thermal Motor Protection:

An internal thermal protector is included in your vacuum to protect it from overheating.  When the thermal protector activates, the vacuum motor will stop. Note: the thermal motor protector controls the main vacuum motor only, not the brush motor. If the thermal protector activates, the brush will continue to operate normally; however, there will be no suction.

Installing the handle:

Slide the handle firmly into the grooves at the top of the vacuum body.  Insert 2 screws, one on each side of the handle base, as seen below. Tighten each screw completely.

59G9 handle

Why are there holes under the light bulb?

These holes are designed to allow heat to escape from the motor in the base.  The PurePro® is powered by two motors: one for suction and one for the brush. The brush motor can generate a small amount of heat and the holes are there to give that heat an exit so it doesn’t build up in the vacuum.

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