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My BOLT™ is blowing dust everywhere. What do I check?

  • Is the dirt container full?
    • If the dirt container is full, empty
    • If it is empty, check to make sure the filter and filter screen is not missing and make sure they are installed correctly into the debris bin cup (the filter locks inside the filter screen) (See pictures below)
  • BOLT filter screen

BOLT FIlters

  • Is either filter missing? If so they will need to be ordered. Do not operate the machine without the filter and filter screen. It may damage the motor and void the warranty.
  • Is the filter and filter screen dirty?
    • If so, remove the dirt cup from the hand vac. Pull out the filter screen, which contains the filter from the middle of the dirt cup. Pull out the white filter (you must unlock the filter from the lock position to lift straight out) and wash the filter screen and filter with warm water and mild detergent. Make sure they are completely dry and inside of the dirt cup is wiped out before placing the filters in it. (see pictures below how to remove filter from screen).
  • BOLT filter screen

    BOLT FIlters

  • Wipe out the inside of the dirt cup before replacing filters so the filters seal securely.
  • Is the dirt container latch securely?
    • If it is not latched securely, Remove the dirt container and reinstall. You should hear it "click" into place on the hand vac body.
    • If the unit is still blowing dust, please contact BISSELL Consumer Care at 800-237-7691 for further assistance.
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