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My SpotBot® has lost suction power. What should I look for?


We’re sorry you’re experiencing no/low suction with your SpotBot®. Please try these steps to remedy the issue.

•Check to see if there is suction at the motor duct under the Collection Tank.
•Remove the collection tank.
•Turn the unit on and place the palm of your hand over the area that is sticking up out of the base where the tank sits ensuring that you are covering both holes with your hand.

If there is no suction at the motor duct, please take your machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Centers for assistance. To locate a service center in your area please follow this link:

If there is suction at the motor duct please continue:

•Make sure the collection tank is not full.
•Make sure the black “duck bill” gasket is not missing and is installed properly in the Collection Tank (please see images below). The gasket is keyed to only fit in one position. Ensure the gasket is open to allow suction by squeezing open the flat end and then reinstalling it.

       SpotBot Image 1

•Make sure the Collection Tank Latch is locked down securely.

For Manual Cleaning:
•Check for suction at the end of the hose with the attachment off by suctioning clean water out of the sink or a bowl.
•If water does not appear to be entering into the dirty water tank, place the unit on the floor near the sink. Hold the hose over the sink and pour warm water down into the hose while the unit is suctioning to see if it will clear any clogs.

If you continue to have difficulty, please take your machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center for assistance. To locate a service center, please follow this link:

For Automatic Cleaning:
•Unplug the unit, remove the tanks and turn the unit over.
•Check the two T-Shaped floor nozzles underneath for debris. If they are dirty remove the two nozzles by unscrewing the two screws. Rinse the nozzles with warm water.

       SpotBot Image 2

•Check the two suction holes where the floor nozzles connect to the unit and remove any debris.
•Replace the floor nozzles and test for suction.

To locate your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center, please go to the following link:
You can also locate a Service Center by phone, 24 hours a day, by calling 1-800-263-2535 and choosing option #2.

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