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My ProHeat Carpet Cleaner will not suction. What can I do to correct this?


1) Remove the Tank-in-Tank Assembly and place your hand over the motor intake valve. This valve is located next to the Floor Nozzle gasket (at the top of the Floor Nozzle window) directly above the SmartMix Bottle. If you feel vacuum-like suction at this area, your suction power of the unit is working but air is escaping at some point.

2) Make sure tank is not full on the outside of the bladder.

3) Check if the small rounded window tabs on the Floor Nozzle are locked into their mating slots and not inadvertently lifting the tank up out of place.

4) Check to ensure oval seal is in place at the top of floor nozzle window.

5) Check the diverter knob for proper setting (Floor Cleaning for carpets/floors) and to ensure the diverter door opens and closes properly. If the door does not open and close and it does not appear to be broken; remove the floor nozzle window and open diverter door manually (keeping the flat side of the door against the unit). Set the diverter knob on the tools setting. Manually close diverter door until there is resistance, hold it in place while turning the diverter knob towards the floor setting to lock it back in place. Reinstall the floor nozzle window. If diverter door will not lock back in place, you will want to contact an Authorized Service Center.

6) Check for the black foam gasket under the diverter door. Replace if necessary.

7) Check floor nozzle window to ensure it is screwed down properly. If there is a ¼” gap between the window where it wraps around to the side of the unit, and the base on the slanted section, reinstall window. This gap can be eliminated by installing the tabs at the top of the window, hold it in place, then push up from the bottom of the window to bow the window, push it against the unit and then evenly slide it down into place.

8) On CleanView models: Check half moon window (behind floor nozzle window) to ensure it is screwed down properly. The floor nozzle window should be lower to the floor than the half moon window.

9) Remove the tank lint screen to check for debris.

10) Check tank lid and tank for damage.

11) Check float and baffle to ensure they are properly installed properly. The widest portion of the float rests inside the tank assembly and the thin portion sits on top of the baffle.

12) Check for suction from the upholstery hose. Set diverter knob on the “Tools/Pre-treat” setting and suction water out of a cup with the attachment off. If there is no suction through the hose, please contact your nearest Authorized Service Center. If the hose suctions, set the diverter knob to the floor setting, poor a small amount of water onto the floor and check whether the machine will suction this up through the floor nozzle. (You may use the tool to remove water if there is still no suction through the floor nozzle.)

If these suggestions have not resolved the problem you are experiencing with your machine, please take your machine to a local BISSELL Authorized Service Center. To locate your nearest BISSELL Authorized Service Center, click here. You can also locate a Service Center by phone, 24 hours a day, by calling 1-800-263-2535 and choosing option #1.

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