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Lift Off® Deep Cleaner General Information.


Water Temperature

The Lift-Off Deep Cleaner will heat hot tap water up to 25-degrees hotter to safely optimize cleaning effectiveness. The heater will never allow the temperature to exceed 190 degrees. The heater will not cool water; therefore, if water being put into the machine exceeds 190 degrees, damage to the tank or other parts may occur. Do not heat water prior to putting into the tank.

Motor Rating Label (White Sticker)

The white sticker (motor rating label) is can be located on the detachable pod by removing the water & solution tank.

LODC Motor Rating Label

2X Portable/Little Green® or 2X Full Size Formula in Unit

The Lift-Off carpet cleaner should be used with genuine BISSELL 2X Full Size Carpet Cleaner Formula. Although it has a removable pod that is similar in use to Little Green or SpotBot®, we do not recommend use of portable or Little Green formula in this unit for optimal cleaning performance.

Handle Assembly

Handle assembly on the Lift-Off carpet cleaner is a little different compared to other models. A full size Philips head screw driver is needed, (a small or short screw driver will not work), as the screws will be inserted at an angle.

Molded into the plastic on the back of the unit are arrows. The bottom two arrows are the hardest to see so a red sticker has been placed on the back of the units to call out the screw holes for assembly.

Please note the following stickers:

LODC Assembly Screw Holes

LODC Assembly Instructions

Pod Weight

13.2 lbs. without water

Latex Information

The Lift-Off Carpet Cleaner does not contain any latex.

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