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My Glide&Shine™ is not spraying. What should I do?


1. First, see if the trigger has tension. If it doesn’t, the handle isn’t clicked together properly. Remove the solution tank and push the handle into the mop until there are no gaps. If it does, pump the trigger 5-6 times. The mop should typically spray after 3 or 4 pumps.

2. Check the tank cap for leaks (make sure the tank is full of solution first). Make sure the cap screwed on the tank tightly. Are there any cracks in the cap?  Does it appear to be leaking? If so, you can replace it by clicking here:

Also, grab a pen and push into the x-shaped valve inside the tip of the cap. If it doesn’t release solution, it will need to be replaced.

85E3 cap (2)

3. Is the clear rubber gasket attached to the tip of the cap? If not, look in the base of the mop where the tank sits to see if the gasket is stuck in the hole. If the gasket is detached or damaged, you’ll need to order a new cap (see above link). Make sure to only use BISSELL® formula in the tank. Vinegar and other solutions can cause the gasket, tank, and other parts of the mop to break down.

4. Check to see if the rubber breather plug is at the top of the tank (pictured below).

85E3 plug

5. See if the tank is pushed snugly into the mop; apply some pressure and it should click in.

6. Clean the spray tips. Follow the steps below for instructions:

a) Pull out the solution tank.

b) With a paper towel and a pin, push the pin through the spray tip in the front (pictured below) to clear out any debris that may have been built up. Please note: a paperclip is too large for this hole.

85E3 spray tip

c) Wipe with a brush to try and clear out any debris that has built up.  An old toothbrush would work well.

d) Check that the debris is cleared from the inside of the hole where the solution tank sits as well (pictured below).  A paper clip or the pin can be inserted inside to attempt to clear debris.

85E3 debris

e) Fill the tank with warm water and re-insert the tank to attempt to spray.  The warm water will help break up any additional debris lodged in the tubes.  Pump the trigger about 10 times to ensure the clog is fully cleared.  

7. If you still can’t spray, please take your mop to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking or by calling 1-800-263-2535, available 24 hours a day.

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