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My SpotClean Pro™ has low or no suction. What can I do?

  1. Let’s start by checking the tool nozzle for debris build up. If the nozzle is clogged, try running warm water through to loosen debris. Then, try suctioning up clean water through the hose with the tool in place to flush out the tool and hose lines. Be very careful to not exceed the ‘full’ line on the dirty water tank or water will get in the motor & cause corrosion.
  1. Next, check if there any cracks (large or small) in the tool nozzle. If so, the tool will need to be replaced. You can order one here:
  1. Look if there is suction at the motor duct. Make sure the rubber gasket on the duct is not folded inward. You’ll find the motor duct by removing the dirty water tank.

SpotClean Pro or Lift Off ducts

  1. Check if there’s suction at the motor duct gasket.
    1. First, make sure the motor duct gasket is not folded inward. The motor duct can be located by removing the dirty water tank. This could prevent suction.
    2. Check the red lint screen for debris, shown in the picture below. If the lint screen is dirty, the unit will have poor suction.
    3. If you’ve gotten suction at the motor duct, go to step 5.
  2. Make sure the clean and dirty tanks are both seated properly to ensure good suction.
  1. Next, remove both tanks and make sure the red suction gate is not stuck to the right side of the gate or clogged due to soap build-up. If it is, remove the suction gate door (see steps below) and flip the suction gate back down with a flathead screwdriver. Be very careful as the gate is spring loaded.

Note: make sure the suction gate door is properly closed once debris is removed. If suction gate door is not installed properly it will cause loss of suction.

SpotClean Pro or Lift Off suction gates

  1. Now check the clean tank’s auto load gasket. Is it in place correctly? If the gasket is missing, check inside the pod for the missing gasket (with the water tank removed).

SpotClean Pro gasket

SpotClean Pro or LODC gasket stuck  

  1. Make sure the cap on the bottom of the water tank is tightened completely.  Otherwise, it will create a gap and your cleaner will lose suction.
  1. Check to see if the float flap door in the dirty water tank activates prematurely when you turn your cleaner on. If it does, you’ll probably need a new water tank. You can order one here:
  1. Make sure the dirty tank is not full.  If it gets too full, it will lose suction.
  1. Make sure the hose is firmly attached to the side of the machine.  If it’s not, try twisting it into place.

Please note: the unit will not suction from the hose with the pod secured to the base of the unit. If the consumer is trying to use the hose & tools, they must remove the pod.

  1. If you still don’t have suction, please take your cleaner to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking or by calling 1-800-263-2535, available 24 hours a day. 
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