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What is the Automated Smart System on the BISSELL SpotBot?


The Automated Smart System on the SpotBot removes any doubt or guessing on how to clean spots and stains. It fearures a Control Panel and has 2 cycles of cleaning you can choose from. Once you have selected your cycle, your SpotBot has been designed to spray, brush and suction in different combinations. This has all been tested and proven to deliver superior cleaning results. The two types of cleaning cycles are SURFACE STAINS and SET-IN STAINS. SURFACE STAINS CYCLE is for stains that are more recent which have just happened or those that are more on the surface. They have not had much time to begin setting into the carpet fibers. This cycle is about 3 minutes long. SET-IN STAINS CYCLE is for stains that have had a period of time to set-in and penetrate carpet fibers. These are typically the most difficult types of stains. This cycle is about 6 minutes long.

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