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My machine is not suctioning like it used to. How do I clear the hoses?

  • TO CLEAR CLOGS IN THE UPPER HOSE OR LOWER HOSE Upper hose: Detach the hose from the machine.

Push a broomstick into the hose to push any obstruction to the curved end of the hose where it can be removed.

Note: A coat hanger is not recommended to clear a clog, it may damage the hose.

  • Drop a coin through the hose if it is detached from the unit as way to help determine if it is clogged, but remember it is very possible for a coin to pass through the hose even if a large clog exists. Lower hose: Remove the canister and then recline the unit. Look thru the hose for obstructions. Push a broomstick through lower hose to unclog. (The access plate can also be removed to gain better access to the lower hose).
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