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The tank on my ProSeries Carpet Cleaner is leaking. What should I check?


1. Let’s start by emptying the contents of the dirty water tank and the bladder.

2. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the 3 screws that hold the black plate to the bottom of the Tank-In-Tank®. Then, check bladder for correct positioning.

ProSeries x valve screws

ProSeries bladder mouth placement

3. If bladder is correctly installed, the screws are tightened properly, and the tank-in-tank continues to leak, you’ll need to get a new tank. You can order one by clicking here:

NOTE:  If you’re doing a water rinse on the carpet, it’s a good idea to fill the SmartMix® bottle with warm water and set the SmartMix dial to High Traffic. It will still rinse the carpet with water and this will help to flush out the system.

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