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My PurePro® is making excessive noise. What should I do?


1. First, check the upper tank, Pre- and Post-Motor Filters for debris. Dirty filters can restrict airflow. If you don’t regularly maintain the filters, the buildup could damage the motor and cause loud noise.

2. Check the dirt-cup screen (the plastic insert in the upper tank) for debris. Remove and wipe down the screen. Try using a dry cloth first; use a slightly damp cloth if necessary.  After wiping, allow the screen to dry completely before using the vacuum.

3. Adjust the height setting for the surface that you’re cleaning. Higher for thicker carpeting, lower for bare floors.

4. If the vacuum makes a ‘whistling’ sound, check that the pre-motor filter tray (found below the dirt container) is correctly installed in the vacuum. 

5. Take a look at the brush belt. Turn the vacuum over and remove the six screws holding the access plate (the plastic frame over the brush roll). Check the belt for damage. If it’s broken, you can replace it by clicking here:

6. If the vacuum is still too loud, please take your vacuum to a technician. You can find your nearest BISSELL® Authorized Service Center by clicking or by calling 1-800-263-2535, available 24 hours a day.

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