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My Total Floors® Vacuum will not suction and or is blowing dust. What do I check?


First, let's start by making sure the dirt cup is empty.

total floors dirt cug

 Now, take a look at the pre-motor filter and post-motor filter for debris. The pre-motor filter is a foam black filter located in the tray underneath the dirt bin. Slide the tray out to remove the filter. Does the filter look dirty? It can be rinsed with warm water and a mild detergent, just make sure it’s completely drive before reinstalling. The post-motor filter on the side of the vacuum is a white pleated filter this one is not washable but can be tapped out. Here’s a link to order if needed:

total floors vacuum filters

  • Next, check for good suction at the end of the upholstery hose.  If it’s good make sure it’s being firmly attached into the lower hose on the back right hand side this will give you strong suction power to the floor. Keep in mind not to have the extension wand or crevice tool attached to the end of the upholstery hose during this time.
  • Total Floors hoses back

    • Is the brush turning? If no…go to “Brush Will not turn” FAQ.

    NOTE: Make sure the brush belt is engaged & not disengaged.

    • Is the lower hose clogged? If yes, see “Clearing Clogs” FAQ.

    If no…

    • Check for suction at the back of unit after removing the hose where it attaches to the back of the vacuum (pull up to remove hose).

     If yes…

    • Check the full length of the hose for cracks or holes, if none, upholstery hose is probably clogged.  See the “Clearing Clogs” FAQ.
    • Check to see if the belt is engaged while vacuuming on bare floors. If yes, disengage belt, as this can cause small, lightweight debris such as feathers, etc to float around when the brush rotates. Additionally, check the area below for clogging with unit off and unplugged.

total floors debris door entrance

  • If the brush belt is disengaged or if not vacuuming on bare floors, proceed to ‘Clearing Clogs’ FAQ.
  • If there is still no suction, please take the machine to an Authorized Service Center to have a Quality Technician inspect the unit.  You may find one by clicking on this link:
  • If your machine is blowing dust, please check the following;
    • Check lower hose for clogs.

    If yes…

    • Remove the screw from the left side of the lower hose on back of the unit and straighten this section of hose by pulling it down or lay unit out flat (the handle release pedal will need to be pushed twice) and roll unit on its side with the lower hose towards the top side.  Look through the hose for obstructions. Push a broomstick through the lower hose to unclog. (The access plate can also be removed to provide a better view of the lower hose).
    • Total floors lowerr hose
    • If the machine is still blowing dust, please check out the "Clearing Clogs" FAQ or take the machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center to have a Quality Technican inspect the machine.  You may find one by clicking on this link:
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