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My PowerFresh® Steam Mop's pad is wearing out. What can I do?


1) Make sure the pad is installed correctly. The U-shaped edge of the pad lines up with the U-shaped edge on the base of the mop. If the pad is incorrectly installed, wear-holes may form prematurely and the unit will not be able to flip from side to side.

2) What type of flooring is being cleaned?  Abrasive flooring such as rough tile, brick, etc. will impact the pad more than smooth vinyl flooring.  If you’re cleaning abrasive flooring, your mop will go through more pads than if cleaning smooth flooring.

3) How are the mop pads being washed?

     a) Mop pads can be cleaned in the washing machine on the regular cycle with warm water and mild detergent

     b) Do not use bleach or fabric softener, as they will cause the mop pads to break down.

     c) Let the pads air dry.

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