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Spotlifter Powerbrush 1716 series - no spray


If your SpotLifter Powerbrush is not spraying, please try the following suggestions:

  • Ensure there is BISSELL solution and water in the solution tank
  • Try priming the machine by squeezing the trigger repeatedly for 1-2 minutes. If you cannot squeeze the trigger, remove the tank from the back of the machine and then try squeezing the trigger with the tank removed. There could be an internal valve that is sticking.
  • Make sure the open end of the siphon tube in the solution tank is not pushed into the side of the tank, covering the end of the tube. If so, push the bend in the siphon tube toward the back of the solution tank.
  • Check to see if the siphon tube has become disconnected from the outlet fitting on the inside of the solution tank. If so, the solution tank will need to be replaced.
  • Check to see if air comes through the spray tip by repeatedly squeezing the trigger with solution tank off the unit. If not, the spray tip may be clogged. Unplug this with a pin or paper clip.
If you still have no spray, please also try these suggestions:
  • Ensure the solution tank is installed properly
  • Make sure the 0-ring is present on the rear connector to solution tank

If you still experience a problem, please call us at 1-800-263-2535, ET, Monday through Friday 8am - 10pm and Saturday 9am - 8pm

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