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My SpotClean will not spray. What do I check?


1)  After filling your solution tank with water and formula, rinse the black cap on the bottom and seat the tank on your SpotClean.

The SpotClean water/solution tank has indentations on the bottom to help line it up.  Press down firmly to secure in position and check gaps between the tank and base of the machine.

SpotClean Tank Holder

2)  With tool removed, check to see if wand sprays by pressing the trigger.

SpotClean Trigger

a) If the wand doesn’t spray, try cleaning the spray nozzle using an unfolded paperclip.

SpotClean Spray Tip

3)  Make sure the Clean Water/Solution tank has solution/water in it.

a.  Over a sink you can push up on the small black valve on the bottom of the tank to see if water comes through it. 

i.  If no water comes through the valve, the tank may need to be replaced. It can be found here:

ii.  If water comes through the valve, the machine may have lost its prime.  Gently lift the Clean Water/Solution tank while depressing the spray trigger OR

gently squeeze the clean tank while depressing the spray trigger.

4)  If the wand does spray with the tool removed the tool may need cleaning.  You can clean the tool’s spray tip with a brush or a paperclip.  Also, check the tool for any cracks.  You can   order a new tool at

i.  Did this work? If not…..

1.  Suction up several tanks full of warm clean water into the collection tank. This will clear clogs from the solution line inside the flex hose. Once this has been done, try to

spray again.

2.  If still no spray, please take the machine to a BISSELL Authorized Service Center to have a tech check it out.  You can find one at

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