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My SpotClean doesn't have power. What do I check?


1) Take a look at the whole cord to see if it has damage. If you do find any, for your safety you should stop using and have the cord replaced.  You can get it replaced at any vacuum repair shop or you can locate one of ours at

2) Try another outlet, and if there’s still no power check your circuit breaker.

3)  Your SpotClean has an internal thermal protector to protect it from overheating.  When the thermal protector activates, the suction motor will stop operating.  If this happens try these steps to take care of it:

     a.   Turn the cleaner off (O) and unplug the unit.

     b.   Check the end of the hose and tool for blockages and remove if necessary.

     c.   Check the dirty water tank for clogs and clean as necessary.

Let the motor cool unplugged for approximately 30 minutes, the thermal protector automatically resets and then you can continue cleaning.  If the thermal protector continues to activate after following the above steps, please take your machine to one of our service centers found at the link above.

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