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Which type of vacuum is better – bagless or bagged?

Neither type of vacuum is “better” than the other. BISSELL testing shows that with proper maintenance, both can clean equally well. The cleaning performance of an individual vacuum depends on many different factors.

A bagged vacuum will lose its cleaning effectiveness as the bag fills with debris. The bag must be changed when it is about 1/2 to 2/3 full for the best cleaning performance. In a bagless vacuum, the clear container captures dirt so there is not a bag to fill up and clog. Plus with the clear dirt container, you can see when you need to empty it. The result with the bagless system is more constant airflow and suction power.

Bagless vacuums will begin to lose suction power when the filters clog with fine dust particles. The filter(s) need to be checked and cleaned, or replaced, as recommended by the manufacturer. Many bagless vacuums today have washable filters that are easy to clean and maintain.

The latest innovation in bagless vacuums is multi-cyclonic technology. By using centrifugal force instead of filters to separate the dirt and particles, the vacuum’s filter can stay clean longer resulting in non-stop suction for superior cleaning.

With bagless units, convenience is the greatest advantage. There are no more bags to search for, change or buy. The clear dirt container allows you to see how much you have vacuumed up – and accomplished. It is also easy to remove an object that was picked up by accident.

The choice between a bagged and bagless vacuum really depends on your personal preference.

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