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Specific care for wood floors with a wax finish

If your sweeper or dust mop does not restore the shine to a wood floor with a wax finish, try buffing to restore the shine rather than immediately applying another coat of wax. Buffing should always be tried before adding another coat of wax, as this will often provide a nice shine without adding another layer of waxy build-up.

If this still does not work, you will need to apply a wood floor cleaner and liquid wax made specifically for wood floors. After this has been applied, let the wood dry and then buff. This process should be carried out once or twice a year depending upon the traffic.

Common stains and how to remove them from a wax finished floor:

  • Food Stains
    Most food stains can be cleaned by rubbing the area gently with a damp cloth. Start on the outside of the stain, and work your way in. Be sure to dry and wax the surface when you are done.
  • Water Spots (white spots) and Dark Spots (ink)
    You should first use #000 steel wool to remove water or ink spots from your wood floor. If this doesn't work, try a very fine sand paper, and then #00 steel wool and a wood floor cleaner. Be sure to wax and buff when complete.
  • Surface Marks
    Scratches or marks in the surface of the wax finish can be cured by lightly applying a small amount of wax to the area, and then buff.
  • Soft or Sticky Substances
    Make the substance hard by applying a cold pack or ice cube. This should allow the material to crumble away from the floor.
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