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Stomp 'n Go® Stain Remover Pads

Bye-bye blotting, hello stomping. Lift away your worst carpet stains-- like red wine, blood, fruit juice, pet messes, coffee/tea and mud-- in minutes with the Stomp 'n Go® oxy-based formula pads. Simply tear open the package, place the wet pad on the carpet stain, stomp on it with your shoe to release the solution into the stain and walk away! No stain, no smells, no problem. 

  • Contains 5 individually wrapped pre-moistened pads 
  • Remove one individually wrapped Stomp 'n Go® package from the box. The pad is pre-moistened with a powerful oxy-based formula 
  • Permanently removes tough stains including: red wine, food stains, fruit juice, pet messes, mud/dirt, coffee/tea, blood, plus more. 
  • Fast acting on fresh stains 
  • Spill, STOMP, and say goodbye to stains! 
  • Leaves carpet smelling fresh 
  • Eliminates household stains and odors like garlic, pet odors, and mildew 
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