Model No 1616203

Separator Assembly - GREY - for Select Upright Vacuums

Current Price: $20.99

Separator Assembly in GREY for Select Upright Vacuum Cleaners, including CleanView Swivel Rewing Vacuums, Series 2254, 2256, 2255, 2258 and PowerClean Swivel Rewind, Series 2256K. This is the piece that fits inside the dirt tank.

To clean the Separator Assembly follow these directions:

  • Once the dirt tank is empty, reach up into the dirt tank and grab the separator and twist to the left and pull down to remove from the tank
  • Clean assembly with warm water and mild detergent. 
  • Let the assembly completely dry before replacing in tank
  • To replace, fit into place and twist to the right until it locks into place

Product Specs & Support

Name Separator Assembly - GREY - for Select Upright Vacuums
Model No 1616203
Quantity 1
Weight 0.1000