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Deep Clean Essential How to Change Belt 8852

Watch this video for assistance with a belt change for your Deep Clean Essential.

Video Transcript:

First, remove the tank and recline the handle so you can turn your machine over.

Locate the red Belt Access door and remove the two screws. The door is secured tightly and it could take about 25 turns to completely remove the screws. Remove the belt access door. The door will have the end cap attached to it. Remove the brush belt, the one with the cogs, from the end of the brush roll. Inspect it for damage and set it aside. If you need a replacement, order a genuine BISSELL brush belt from

Next remove the pump belt, the smooth one, from the end of the brush and check for damage. If it is cracked or stretched, replace with a new belt from To put the pump belt back on the machine, pinch the belt at one end to make a large loop and attach it to the silver motor shaft first. Then pull the other side of the belt over the larger red pulley.

Spin the red pulley a few times to help center the belt and make sure it is on right.

Now attach the brush belt by sliding the belt over the brush roll and then looping it around the end of the pulley.

Connect the belt access door to the end of the brush and rotate until it’s in place.

Replace the screws and your machine is ready for use.

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