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No Suction | How to Videos | ProHeat 2X® Revolution®

Follow this video for easy instructions should your ProHeat 2X® Revolution® stop suctioning.

Use the power of heat and enjoy a deep clean with the ProHeat 2X® Revolution®

Before troubleshooting, turn the power off and unplug from the wall.

There are a number of ways to troubleshoot and get your machine working properly again.

First make sure your tanks are seated properly on the unit. Pick up both tanks and reseat them so they fit properly on the unit.

Next, empty your dirty water tank if the maximum amount of dirty water has been picked up and has reached the fill line.

If your clean water tank is empty, check fluid levels in the clean water tank. Refill if the tank is empty.

Your dirty water tank may not be secured tightly. Check the rubber tab on the dirty water tank and press firmly on all edges to secure it tightly.

The accessory hose door also needs to be closed securely. Check the door and make sure it is locked in place.

The nozzle may be clogged. Remove the nozzle from the foot. Flip the accessory door open and lift up on the nozzle and accessory hose door

Hold the nozzle and insert the nozzle clean out tool in to the thin slot on the end of the nozzle that touches the floor. Clean until free of pet hair or debris.

Return the nozzle back to the foot of the machine. Line up the three hooks on the nozzle to the bottom of the foot.

Rotate nozzle up and click in to place and close the accessory hose door.

We hope these tips will get your machine functioning again.

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