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Changing Belts | How to Videos | ProHeat 2X® Revolution®

A great video to assist you on changing your belts for the ProHeat 2X® Revolution®.

Use the power of heat and enjoy a deep clean with the ProHeat 2X® Revolution®

To change your belt you will need a Phillips head screwdriver and a flathead screwdriver.

Remove the clean water tank and make sure dirty water tank is empty then press the recline pedal.

Lay the machine on its side and remove the three screws on the belt access plate using the Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the plate to expose the plate. Remove the brush cover by lifting it up, then lift the belt to remove.

The brush rolls can be gently removed and replaced with new brush rolls.

There is a small belt and end cap on the other end of the brush rolls. That belt needs to wrap around the tooth end of the brush rolls and the end cap needs to be secure before re-assembling the machine.

Replace the smaller toothed belt by wrapping it around the small metal-toothed pulley, and the gear at the end of the rear-most brush

Replace the brush cover, making sure the brushes are aligned ON BOTH SIDES and the cover is secure

Press the recline button and lay the machine on its back.

Use a flathead screwdriver to help lift the belt access door and remove. If belt is broken, gently remove it from the machine.

To replace the large belt, place it over the red area of the large pulley that is toward the front of the machine.

Stretch the belt towards the back of the machine with your thumb and transfer it onto the metal axle.

Snap the belt access door back in to place.

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