Model No 77X7C

Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removing Formula

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Professional Level Enzyme Action Formula
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How enzyme cleaners work

Enzyme-based cleaners work great on organic stains, like pet accidents or food, and are designed to provide thorough cleaning. They work exceptionally well when covered with a moist towel and allowed plenty of time (12-72 hours) to work. [more]

The enzyme action found in these cleaners is like that of healthy probiotics found in some types of yogurt that help “eat” the microscopic particles that make up the stain. Once the spray is released from the bottle, the probiotics are activated and begin working. If kept moist, they’ll continue to multiply and remove the material until it’s gone. That’s why keeping a moist towel on the stain and giving it plenty of time to work will ensure that the stain is thoroughly removed.

For best results, get the stain matter as thin as possible prior to treating it with the enzyme-based cleaner. You can do this by removing as much from the surface as possible, and by extracting some of the matter out with an upright or portable deep cleaner.

  • Permanently removes tough pet stains: urine, feces, blood & vomit. Plus: motor oil, makeup, spaghetti sauce, & food grease
  • Advanced Odor Elimination Technology removes tough pet odors. Plus: smoke, mold & mildew, kitchen odors and more
  • Safe for use on carpet, upholstery and water-safe surfaces
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Product Specs & Support

Name Professional Pet Stain and Odor Removing Formula
Model No 77X7C
Quantity 1
Similar Models 77X7W
Surface Type Heavy Traffic Areas, Spot and Stain
Surface Type Heavy Traffic Areas, Spot and Stain
Weight 1.64 lbs
Size 22 oz