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PowerLifter Pet - Low/No Suction | Model 1793

If your PowerLifter Pet vacuum has no or low suction, here are some steps to get that problem fixed.

Before you begin, you will need a Philips screwdriver.

  • Start by checking your hose for any cracks or holes.
  • Remove by pulling one end out of the base and turning the other end counter-clockwise and out.
  • Use a broomstick handle pushing towards the elbow of the hose to clear any potential clogs.
  • Make sure the hose is secure in the foot suction opening.
  • Check if there is a clog in the machine. Remove the tank and check the suction inlet for any debris.
  • Below this, you can find the Pre-Motor Filters. Pinch the filter and lift to remove it.
  • While holding the filter over a trash bin, gently separate the filter layers. Then shake out the excess debris.
  • The Pre-Motor Filter can be rinsed in warm water. Before replacing, make sure it is completely dry.
  • To access the Post Motor Filter, pull down the latch on the front of your machine.
  • Remove the filter by grasping the handle on the front of the filter and pulling out from vacuum.
  • The pleated Post Motor Filter is NOT washable. Gently tap the filter on the side of a trash bin to remove debris.
  • Replace the Post Motor Filter in the unit with the handle facing you. Then replace the door by hooking the bottom in first and rotate it towards the machine. Also replace tank and hose.
  • With the machine unplugged, lay the vacuum back and expose the brush roll.
  • Remove the 6 screws from the brush cover using your Philips screwdriver. Then lift the cover off the vacuum.
  • Grab both ends of the brush and slide off the belt to remove it.
  • Clear any debris on the brush roll or in the brush housing area and empty into a trash bin.
  • To inspect the brush roll, set it on its end and spin it by flicking it once. If it doesn't spin freely it is time to replace your brush roll.
  • Inspect your belt, if it is broken or damaged it will need to be replaced.
  • Place the new belt over the motor pulley and stretch the other end over the brush roll.
  • Replace the brush roll by placing the belt-side of the brush in first, then turning the other end until it slides into place.
  • When the brush roll is in, turn it to align the belt.

We hope these remedies bring you suction back to your PowerLifter Pet Vacuum.

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