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No Steam - PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940

Learn more about cleaning with steam with PowerFresh Steam Mop in this instructional video.

Video Transcript:

Is your BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop not producing any steam? Caitlin Stephan, from BISSELL, is here to answer your questions.

"My PowerFresh Steam Mop isn’t steaming. What should I do?"

An important thing to remember is that you will not see an abundance of steam coming from your BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop as the steam is directed towards the floor to deliver the best cleaning results.

There could be several factors as to why your BISSELL PowerFresh steam mop is not producing steam.

First, check to make sure the unit is plugged in and is in a working outlet.

Next, check to make sure there is water in the tank. It is very important to make sure you are ONLY using water to fill the tank. Other solutions may cause breakdown of the gasket and/or other parts of the machine.

Remove the water tank from the unit and check to see if there are any cracks or leaks in the tank itself. This may be difficult to see, so make sure you are checking the tank in a well-lit area or room.

Make sure you have water in the tank so you can see whether or not it is dripping.

And finally, check the cap on the water tank to make sure it is not cracked and that the rubber gasket at the tip of it is still attached.

Check to see if the foot of the steam mop is properly installed. Remove the foot from the unit and re-install it. The foot should be locked in at the back of the unit with a clip and be seated up against the unit with no gaps.

And finally, check to see if the Ready Light is on. Keep in mind, the heater may take up to a minute to heat.

If the Ready Light is not on, again make sure the power cord is plugged into a functioning outlet. It should go from blinking to solid blue.

If the Ready Light is on, select the appropriate steam setting. You may hear a light knocking noise while water flows through the pump. This may take a minute. It should then start steaming.

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