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PowerForce Helix Rewind Turbo - TurboBrush Maintenance | Model 1797

Here are some steps to help maintain your TurboBrush Tool.

  • Twist the gray collar counter-clockwise, until the slot appears then remove the faceplate.
  • Align the two end pieces, flat side down on each side and pop it into place.
  • Carefully remove the brush and belt. If the belt is damaged, you will need a replacement. Please visit our website.
  • Clear any debris that may clog or affect suction.
  • Reassemble the belt around the paddle wheel, make sure the flat end pieces are down, put each piece back into place and put the brush through the belt.
  • You can now reattach the faceplate, then twist the gray collar to lock it into place. The faceplate will not close properly if the parts are not aligned correctly.

It's that simple to maintain your TurboBrush Tool.

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